Friday, March 30, 2007


Dog people have a lot of advice for dog people. It's weird. I think it's on par with parents having advice for other parents. Everyone thinks THEIR way is the best. Same goes for vets, I've found. People will often try to force their vet upon you. "Oh, (s)he's just the best ever, yaddy yaddy nanny boo boo poooooooooo!" And if you're doing something wrong - i.e. - not feeding holistic food or training them THIS way or if you're not using supplements and probiotics and acidophilis, YOU ARE A HORRIBLE PET OWNER!


That being said, I would like to force MY vet upon you. *shove, shove!*

His name is Dr. Seto and he works at the Animal Health Clinic on Sherbrooke and Marcil in NDG. He has the BEST bedside manner with pets. And I think one of his greatest qualities, is that even though there's a waiting room full of people and pets, he never makes you feel rushed. He'll speak to you in layman's terms, answer all your stupid, panicky questions(e.g - Do you think Flea has a collapsed trachea? - Was she sneezing too? Yes! She might just have a cold) - and always returns your phone messages at the end of the day. To boot, he's open-minded about new information/techniques.

I spoke with him today about Flea (she has a urinary tract infection now - good times, good times). But, during the conversation I told him that I had been strictly adhering to a special diet proported to reduce seizures in dogs. He knew of this already because I told him about it over a month ago. He even requested the source info so he could read more about it, which I passed along too. The amazing thing is, Flea was up to 3 seizures a month. And since I switched her diet 90 days ago - not a one. NOT. A. ONE. Definitely something to be said for diet affecting your wellbeing, even if it doesn't seem connected.

Having said that - I KNOW she will seizure again. But I'm hopeful that when she does, it will be infrequent and less severe. Anyhoo...he was really impressed to hear this, since he'd never heard of the diet thing before. And that's the great thing about Dr. Seto. He never discounts what you say. And learning more and more in your field can only be an asset. In the meantime, I'm learning more too!

Anyway. If it means anything from me, he can't come more highly recommended.

In other news - it's Friday, just before 8 and I'm trying to buckle down to write the countdown. Buckling is not occurring. So, I will take a trip to the fridge, walk aroud a bit, play with Farnsy (is that code? BTW, Farnsy got a new toy which is quite phallic. Pics on the way), wash my face, get a drink, wash some dishes - and come back.

Have a fab weekend!

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