Friday, February 23, 2007

Tales From Transit # 34

This is what I overheard on the bus the other day,

"I have no idea how I'm going to affix moss to chicken wire".

Yeah, me either.


Maria said...

a better question would be "why the heck would you want to?"

Newsguy Bob said...

Duh! I thought everyone knew how to do that.

JB said...

"Affix" it?
Heck with that.
Just throw it really hard.
Everything sticks to chicken wire.

Milky said...

Actually, that's GOOD talk! It means that spring is coming! Those people having that converstation are into gardening!

A popular way to make panters and hanging baskets is to make a basket out of chicken wire and fill it with moss. The moss holds your black earth quite nicely but lets it breathe too. You can then put your favorite spring flowers in there, and hang the baskets up by attaching rope or chains to the chicken wire.,2025,DIY_13784_2270323,00.html


Newsguy Bob said...

That Milky! A man of so many talents, and a font of knowledge, too -- almost like Cliff Clavin.

I'm assuming he meant "planters" and not "panters".


JB said...

...although, I'll bet Milky has an uncommon depth of knowledge about panters, as well...