Monday, February 26, 2007


The Oscars were decent last night. I had only seen one of the nominated movies (me = lame). But I still dug 'em. Ellen DeGeneres was great. Love her. And thought the shadow dancers were BRAZILLIANT!!!

But I must admit, the most exciting part of the show for me happened early on.
Corn and I were sittin' on the couch and this woman got up to make an acceptance speech. I looked over and said, "Hey, doesn't that look like our old neighbour?"
Corn's like, "Yeah, it does".



Congratulations to Montrealer Torill Kove. Who may now not have to be paying rent anymore.

On another filmmaker note. I received an e-mail from Rick (M Central). Who'd love for you to support a friend of his. Check it out!


JB said...

My wife is Danish, so an animated short from Canada named "The Danish Poet" was a high point in our household, as well. Actually, Janne asked me if I knew whether or not Ms. Kove lived in Canada. Thanks for answering that one!

tball said...

Those shadow dancers were awesome, I'm still in awe at how they did that. Ellen was hilarious I thought it was too funny when she started vacuuming. I was listening to Rob Kemp's show today and I couldn't help laughing, he was talking about Al Gore's speech, he said there was probably a secret service agent in the music pit telling the conductor to keep his baton in his pocket to not play music to cut Al Gore's speech. And I'm really glad for Jennifer Hudson - Simon should swallow his words.

'dinky' said...

..and then the weiner came down...