Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Dear "Lost",

Please do not bore the crap out of me tonight.


Nat Lauzon


Anonymous said...

Well Lost did come thru for ya ...we found out Desmond paints while lying on the floor.. he has been trying to hold off death for the rocker boy ... and that he does not like red walls! I was on the edge of my seat !!

Auntie C

Marisa said...

That is one show that I never watched.

Sounds like it was a stinker.

JB said...

I love LOST. I haven't missed an episode, although I could have missed almost an entire season, and know as much as what I know about it now. A little too mch Desmond last night, but 'THREE secrets revealed' next week, eh?
If I were Desmond, I would have let rocker-boy die the first time around, and taken up with the lovely Australian chick (who apparently has been to a hair stylist while on the island, because she has a different hairstyle since the show started back up again).
I can't believe the former Hobbit is actually dating the lovely Kate (Canadian hottie Evangeline Lilly - or is that Lily?) in 'real life'.

p.s. I thought Sawyer's line last week, when Kate called Jack from the beach as they were trying to get off the 'other' island - "Tell him I said hi!" was the best line of that episode. Who says sarcasm is the lowest form of humour?

Ma Horton said...

Dam that means my humour is lower than low .

Anonymous said...

Desmond's power is a little too "Final Destination" for me. But I just enjoy LOST too much to care. I don't have to think, just watch...(this from the person that still watches the abysmal Gilmore Girls more out of habit that actual interest)

But Charlie's gonna die?? Is it bc he was supposed to die when Ethan hung him up? He has been cheating death quite a bit lately...

Final note: I love Sawyer.

cheers everyone

Twiggy said...

oooh...i pressed enter AND gave out me real name!! oh the shame!!

N@ Lauzon said...

Your real name is Ma Horton?