Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Pants-Free Day

Brought my gym stuff to work today. Because if I don't go right after work, I won't do it. Endured a painfully long metro ride on account of a "delay on the orange line" (WE'VE GOT A JUMPER!) and finally got there. Staked my claim at a locker and unzipped my gymbag only to discover....

I forgot my workout pants.

Cut to: midday shot of my place - living room - said workout pants hanging to dry cuz I washed 'em yesterday.

And it's not like you can improvise with your everyday clothes, either. You might be able to say, wear the same shirt or bra, even (are ya with me, manteats?). But you can't wear jeans in place of workout gear. Ya just can't.

This left me with the option to go pantless or go home.

And rather than expose the reasons WHY I was at the gym...

I went home.

Foiled again.


Doris & Dan said...

Pantless at gym = nightmare

Topless at gym = black eyes

Keep smilin!

Newsguy Bob said...

Rants about pants and plants. What's next? Ants?

At a guys-only gym, it wouldn't be a problem. You could wear your skivvies. Unless, of course, you go commando. THAT would be a problem.

Twiggy said...

I forgot my gym pants (my "lulus") at home when going to my saturday morning Aerobox. I decided to stick it out in my jeans anyways bc i hadn't done anything all week. It turns out that kicking in non-stretch jeans is WAY harder that with Yogawear. And with my red bandana to keep my short hair out of my eyes to complement my jean attire i looked like a lil' street punk practicing for the fight behind the bleachers after school. I hope i never forget them again!

Twiggy said...

way harder as in there is resistance and you have to work harder at it almost as if the pants were weights and stretch cords all in one..

Rick said...


Might i sugest that on Gym day Wearing the bottom piece of a bathing suit. In the event that said pants are omitted from the gym bag, you can still work out.

A note on Gym attire:
I used to go to the Centre Gadbois off of Notre dame, there was this guy there who always came to work out in kaki’s (hope I spelt that right) and a dress shirt. Attached to his belt was his cell, Pager, Walkman (yes walkman) and a Fanny pack. With my inside voice I referred to him as “The mountain climber”

BTW: there is a slick hearing test you can take on my sight.

Maria said...

I would have loved to have seen a paparazzi shot of that! lol

Just go home and run up and down the stairs... thats exercise enough!

Rick said...


how would the paparazzi know it's N@? I think as a radio personality she has a stand in for photo ops etc..

Help me Out here N@ am i spot on?

JB said...

Some Signs You're at WORK Without Pants -

...No trouble pushing the button in the elevator.

...The boss issues a strongly worded memo concerning Casual Friday.

...You notice that your bathroom stop takes 10 seconds less, leaving you more time to hang around the break room.

...Co-workers finally stop making fun of your bald spot.

Maria said...

OK I was wrong I suppose. (slapping myself across the knoggin').

If anyone is looking for a wood mahogany bedroom set MINE is for sale... only 3 years old.

ALSO, MAZDA MPV mini van for sale.
Hubby, wants something more mid-life crisisy! I suppose the porsche I bought him last year just doesn't quite cut it Ahhhhhhhhh MEN!
N@ hope you don't mind me posting MY THINGS FOR SALE ON YOUR SITE!

BTW, I loved your comment yesterday to Marco "forget abouuuut it" hilarious!

N@ Lauzon said...

hey maria! How much is the bedrm stuff goin' fer??