Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Well, the three time rule applies.

Flea had another seizure this afternoon. Third this month, and six days from the previous. This one was disturbing because she was sleeping, curled in a little ball on the couch and the next thing I knew, her body began arching backward, causing her to fall onto her back, twitching. She was on a blanket on the couch, so there was no injury there. But if this happens (and I'm sure it has) while I'm not here and she falls off the couch, she could really hurt herself. Two minutes later, all was well.

I left a message at the vet because I want to start her on meds. Well, I DON'T want to...but y'know. Now, I've been reading all this stuff online about epilepsy (this is her diagnosis, btw 'idiopathic epilepsy', which means there is no defined cause). I feel better when I read stuff about seizuring stopping or being VERY spaced apart. And about dogs living long, happy lives.

Sorry for being all 'mydoggymypuppydogdoggydog' on ya - but it's good to have a place to vent and get the good vibes. I wish you could all know little Flea! She is SUCH a gem of a dog. She never does anything bad, she's quiet as a mouse, she's polite to strangers and other dogs. I hate to think of what her life would have been like if she'd stayed locked in a cage the rest of her days, pushing out puppies. Back in the day, when some money-hungry backyard breeder called her "Brenda". EEW.

The other day, Corn was commenting how Flea really LOOKS at ya, right in the eyes and holds your gaze. And it's not fear or dominance (hah!) - it's just, looking. with her big ears standing at attention.She just wants to eat poop sandwiches and be loved. And yes, in that order.

And don't get the wrong idea. I love the piss out of Chachi, too. He's a hardy, tough little bugger and he can be a jerk...but at the end of the day, he's a loyal little bugger. They are COMPLETE opposites. But they have taught me a lot. Which is what you never really expect. But I'm glad they happened.


Anonymous said...

N@, wait till you have

Newsguy Bob said...

I feel for ya, Sister.
I also apologize for any past derogatory comments I made about chihuahuas and how Flea should still be Brenda. She should NOT! I was kind of being a jerk, and lacking full perspective.

I do know how special a dog can be in your life, right back to my Shepherd/Husky mix, Mac, who I spent my teen years with, through several other dogs owned by family and friends -- from thoroughbreds to Heinz 57 mutts (the dogs, not the family and friends).

One more doggy note: I have a friend who is a dog whisperer. It's amazing to watch him bond with the pooch almost instantly (of course, the treat he pulls out of his pocket is a real icebreaker) and make them do amazing things that he traces back to the instincts bred into them through thousands of generations.

Have a great day. Big hugs to Chachi and Flea, with an extra one for Flea.

Uncle Newsguy Bob

Angry Gnome said...

I am sorry that your little pooch isn't feeling well.

Maria said...

Only good vibes coming your way from one NDG'er to another.

Pets are a part of our everyday life and its tough to see them suffering. You are FREE to vent here whenever ya want. After all it is YOUR Blog! lol

Rick said...


Good Vibes your way, all around! I know not everyone is a dog person, but take it from someone who is…a dogs love is not conditional. They ask so little compared to what they give us back. I mean honestly who else would be stratified with regular scratches of the belly & the occasional beefy treat. (fetsh-errs, need not apply).

Rick…slightly rouge said...

OOPS (me with egg on my face) “stratified” should be “Satisfied”…I really need to stop sniffing Sharpie’s….but they smell so damn good!!!!

Amazon Woman said...

Vent away! That is what this place is for. Our furry babies are our hearts and we love them and feel sad when they are sick. Sending good healthy puppy vibes!!

Smooches to the babies!

Keep smilin!

Ma Horton said...

Anyone who has looked into the eyes of a pet who adores you ,knows the purity of that love ...they think we are God and we know that reversing the word means they are . Flea is small in stature but her loving soul is infinite to all who meet her and I know that a higher power put her little self in N@'s care .

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ma ...Flea came into your life for a reason - you were her guardian angel. My dog stares at me too - all the time! I know it is the look of love - but it drives me NUTS sometimes !

Auntee Cherylitta

JB said...

You're gonna be a great Mom someday.
(Of course, we knew that already 'cause we've "met" your Ma, and she's pretty awesome.) All the best to your lovely dogs. We all can recognize, by reading you, that they couldn't be in a better place for their welfare than curled up under your roof with you.

N@ Lauzon said...

Sigh times ten. You guys are great. Thanks. You can take credit for getting me all teary.

But not too much, cuz I'm days away from the cotton pony.

Newsguy Bob said...

Na-na-na na-na-ha... we made N@ cry!

Ooops! There I go being an insensitive jerk again. You gotta admit, I'm good at it.

Ma Horton said...

Bobbycakes I am gonna kick your ass in real time one of these days .You mess with the kid mess with Ma .