Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hey Nerds

It seemed like seconds ago, that I was walking in my neighbourhood - blown away by the brilliantly red maple leaves on the ground. I thought about how I should take a photograph. Brought the pups out for a marche today (they do not dig wet weather..they walk all slow and annoyed)...and the leaves are ALREADY getting all crunchy and yuck. So much for capturing the moment. I love living in NDG, though and not JUST because Maria lives here (woo! Little bit o' love for the webfriends!). Living downtown for 7 years, I forgot about how many LEAVES there are. Some of the lawns here are totally blanketed.

Me likey fall. My favourite seasons are fall and spring. I guess I just like the transitionals. They are all about rebirth and renewal and change. And change is always good.

Anyhoo..sorry for the lack o' post. I have been busy over on myspace, bitching up my profile. HEH. Admittedly, it's a bit addictive. And at least 3 of your have come over to the dark side as well! Don't worry though - this will be my mainspace (did you pick up on the air of misguided self-importance in that statement? Assuming my head is a planet and your life revolves around it).

By the way - wanna see something cool? I talked about this on the air the other day. There's a website called MyHeritage where you can upload a pic of yourself and see what celebrity you most ressemble (apparently I look like Nicole Richie and ROD STEWART!) Here's mine!

If you try it out - send me the link to: and I'll post your faces here...let's see you, celebutantes!


JB said...

Okay, so I went to the MyHeritage thingy and tried the Celebrity Picture doodad...
I apparently match up with this list:
Matthew Perry
Tom Hanks
Jeff Bridges
George Clooney
Harry Connick, Jr.
Keanu Reeves
Dick Cheney
Now, THAT'S funny.
I mean, I look NOTHING like Keanu Reeves...

Newsguy Bob said...

Me: Several no-names, but, get this: Saddam Freakin' Hussein!

amazon woman said...

Will upload mine but in the mean time...Smokin photo of ya!

Keep smilin!

Maria said...

lol Nat you also seem to resemble Jessica Biel (she is such a beautiful woman). They also have you re-sembling Hilary Duff, lol now that could work to my advantage... my daughter who is 6 has been dragging me to see Hilary Duff for the past 2 years - next time I just bring her to your place drop her off, have you sing "Come Clean" and a few other tunes and I am sure it will cost me less than what the actual concert does. Now there's a nice little side job for ya.

Oh yeah, as for NDG I love it there too, thanks for remembering I live in the area. We are kinda thinking of selling and buying something a little bigger in the area - so if you know of anyone looking to buy keep me posted. Now in NDG they are doing this thing where they sell a duplex as condo's and sell them individually so we are gonna look into that.

Maria said...

OK I tried joining myspace but I am stupid was never able to create the account. Kept telling me something about having to enter at least 1 number or punctuation and I did enter the number I saw which was "4". That is still a number isn't it?

N@ Lauzon said...

for your myspace password, you need to have at least one number in it..maybe that's what it meant?

Maria said...

ahhhhhhhhh! Ok I try it again someday soon. Its hard enough trying to keep up with your blog, my blog and my cosmo reading. Heck, I am so lazy even getting into my OWN blog on most days - funny thing is I usually get to MY blog by signing into YOURS! lol Do any of your other contacts on the right hand side of your blog get into their own blog through yours? or am I the only nut?

Newsguy Bob said...

No, you're the only nut.

(Oooohhhh, that was just too easy! Thanks, Maria.)

Maria said...

I feek better now - thanks NGB! lol

Angry Gnome said...

OMG, that's what you look like? You're puuurty.
Anyhoo, I did the thing and they said I matched Gabrielle Union and Kristen Kreuk.