Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Don't even get me started on people letting their dogs roam without leashes - especially in the city! It REALLY irritates me and can endanger other animals as WELL as the dog itself. Check this out.


j51 said...

hello n@ & friends,my dog patsy (12lbs)was mowed dowm by a car who did not stop i was beside myself because she was on my lawn with no leash,& spotted another dog down the street unleashed.& took off i will never forget than sunday morning. patsy suffered a broken leg & internal bleeding.witness say the car but police could not make report some crazy law. for the love of GOD don't make the mistake i made it's a sore that will never go away.......j51

Amazon Woman said... I am weepy! Those are both terribly sad stories. Miss Le Poo is always leashed. Too afraid of cars and squirrels.

Keep smilin!

JB said...

Funny you should mention, because this story just came across the newswire:
Supermodel Claudia Schiffer is in the doghouse after her two large pooches caused trouble near her mansion northeast of London. (Schiffer lives in Coldham Hall, a 16th-century mansion, with her husband, film producer Matthew Vaughn.) Police say neighbours around the estate have complained that the dogs run wild and one bit a Jack Russell terrier in December. Police have spoken with Schiffer about controlling the animals, but they say it's "not a criminal matter at this stage."
(ed. - And as we know from the story you linked here, it doesn't necessarily doesn't become a criminal matter even if a dog is killed.)

Twiggy said...

Note: i haven't read the linked story yet poor Bandy (euh...90lbs? Bouvier des Flandres..big black dog) got hit by a car on a snowy saturday morning. It was a very quiet morning after a big snowfall and my dad and my sister were out shoveling. Bandy had been staying real quiet and docile, and there had been barely 3 cars in 2 hours. Then a cat appear across the street and she went tearing after it. Of course, bounding out from behind a big snowpile, it was impossible for the car to stop in time - especially on the snowy street. Anyways, only her backleg got caught, which was put in a cast for a month or two (note: winter is a good time for a big active dog to have a cast bc there is less temptation to run than in the summer). She was about 9 at the time, and she healed well. (though around 12 that leg started to get stiff and give her a bit more trouble.)

Anyways...that's why we have dog parks. a place to run free and safe for dogs and owners alike.

I miss my dog...(died at Christmas2004 after 15 great years of adventure )

I love you Bandy!

rageforst said...

So don't come to mexico :P