Friday, August 11, 2006

Gone Fishin', Part Deux

It's 11pm Friday and we hope to be on the road by 6am tomorrow morning. HAH.

Either way, we will be in PEI tomorrow evening.

Have a fantastic week, all. Talk to you soon. (that's the view from the backyard, by the way. Ahhh..can't wait).


Newsguy Bob said...

re: bottom pic

Umm, N@, far be it from me to offer unsolicited grooming tips, but dontcha think you shoulda shaved your legs before taking that pic? I can't tell from the wedding crashers pics on Ma's blog, but I hope your legs weren't as bushy in that drop-dead gorgeous dress you were wearing.

Have a lobster and a Moosehead for me on PEI.

milky said...

Just got back from my in-laws' place in New Brunswick. We also spent a few days in Nova Scotia! (Photos at

We must have passed you on the highway! Next time we'll arrange to meet at a rest stop... or at one of them fancy hotels on the Quebec side of the QC/NB border that feature "danseuse!" Classy!

Oh, and by the way... what do I think of driving through Montreal... EGADZOOKS!!!!


Twiggy said...

Hello Natlanders,

Though I suspect everyone is vacationning away, I was wondering if I could perhaps use this wonderful page to seek advice/information:

Last tuesday, I cut my hair. "So what?" you might say. Well, I usally cut my hair about once or twice a year, and this time I cut off 16 inches of it. (from Goldie Locks to Mia Farrow of Rosemary's Baby in one hour) SO right now my beautiful golden locks (natural curl, natural blond...oh how i miss them) are sitting in a bag, waiting to be donated to either Wigs for Kids ( or Locks Of Love ( I don't know which one is best. Locks of Loves seems more offical (and by the pictures, seems to make better wigs), but Wigs for kids has a Canadian chapter.
Also, if anyone knows if there is such a charity for breast cancer (or cancer "tout court") survivors, please tell (I did go to La Coupe Downtown after all (Mix96 Shave to Save Sponsors!)).

Anywho, gotta get organised for my eventual return to Toronto and school!

Cheers, and thanks in advance


kim said...

Hey Nat,

Be sure to seek out the giant fibreglass tater on the lawn of the PEI Potato Museum in O'Leary, PEI. Think of the poutine that puppy would make. Mmmmmmmmm...poutine.