Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Sinking Feeling

I was just witness to an incident of road rage. I don't know what happened leading up to it..all I saw was the street confrontation between the 2 drivers. One was intent on physically fighting with the other. He was in a crazy state, with blood all over his face and his young SON at his side! After a few minutes of bystanders trying to fruitlessly break it up...the OTHER guy jumped into his car and tore off down the street. The guy with the bloody face yelled at his son to get back in the car and screeched off after him.

This is not going to end well. I feel gross.


Maria said...

WOW Nat thats so sad that an ADULT male who is also a father would subject his child to something like that. Who would show his son that this is the proper way to react... so so sad!

Amazon Woman said...

Scary stupid people in the world. Steer clear of them and hang w/ us!

Keep smilin!

JB said...

A few years ago, right across from my street in Hamilton, I saw two adult males - probably in their 40s - slugging it out in a gas station lot because one felt that the other had cut him off on the way to the pumps. There's got to be a lot of pent-up anger there for people to go at each other like that over something as stupid as that. I'm sorry you had to witness that, Nat. I feel really sorry for that boy, too. What a terrible example and something that will never leave him.

chouster said...

I recently saw a story on an American News station about how road rage is actually a disease. I begin to wonder how long it will take before we are no longer held acountable for any of our actions. We can simply say I am sorry, I am sick that is why I beat your face in with a baseball bat because you forgot to turn on your indicator when you made that left turn. Where does it stop?