Monday, June 26, 2006

Monday Mornin' Update

Hey nerds!

Thanks for your blog-readin' patience! Had a big week, what with Ma Horton haulin' her coffee-lovin' butt to Montreal for some hangy-outy time. We shopped like mad, had an AWESOME time @ Madonna THEN on Friday afternoon, we hauled our collective coffee-lovin' butts to Ottawa on the ol' Greyhound to hang out with my aunt and meet my dad there too. Actually, Ma Horton is the one with all the pics, so I guess when she gets back to Timmins early this week, you can check them all out on her page. Actually, on the bus ride there we pondered popping in to see Newsguy Bob at work again (and maybe Milky if he was there) - but we never made it to the Byward Market. We thought it might be funny to ambush him and give him shite for not posting here in, ohhhh about a million years. A personal hand-delivered chastisement. We're a little crankier than FTD, but just as effective.

Ottawa/Hull was fun. On Saturday, my aunt, mom and I went to a Scandinavian Spa near Hull (It's like the Polar Bear Clube in Ste Adele, if you've ever been). We spent the day there: sauna-ing, pool-ing and hot-tubbing. For a $35 fee you can stay all day long and chill out. It's fab. Great way to spend a day and it was less than 10 minutes from my aunt's place.

So, now I'm back and have the day off today - and will get to laundry and dawg-walkin and stuff. AND the gym (haven't been in almost 2 weeks and feel quite blobbish). Just wanted to check in and say I'm alive, I'm breathin' and I hope y'all are too.


Maria said...

Ahhhhhh yes the Polar Bear club I have been there ONCE. Took about a million phone calls to the front desk to direct us in as its lodged deep within the forest. How the hell do people ever find that place? However, once inside it was real cool - hubby and I had full body massages for $58.00 per person for one full hour! AWESOME!
They put you in a room with this funny running water music and all I was thinking was "MAN, I got to pee" didn't help that I was pregnant at the time either. They have this great little river in the back that you can hop into after your massage BUT considering that it was November we opted to skip the dip in the ice cold water!Although there was actually people in it...OUCH!

Glad you and Mama dynamite had a fab time doing girlie stuff, that is always fun. I have not had any time off worked Friday and working today... Saturday we went to the Granby zoo with the kids and it was fun but I was zonked the next day from being in the sun so long!

Milky said...

Holy schmoley!!!! I just met Ma... and Pa!!!! AND SIS!!!!!!!!

As I live and breathe there they were with Newsguy Bob standing outside my studio window just minutes ago! Pa took pictures and everything!!!!

And Ma showed me where your site was moved to! Everyday I'd go to and there would be the same picture of Ma in her black jumpsuit. It never updated.

Ya really should have a link to here so us eediots can follow along.

Oh... and is it just me, or is the movie on this page slowing things WAY down????


N@ Lauzon said...

Deleted the movie..had no idea THAT is what was inhibiting the Milkman!! So, let me know if it works.

I can't BELIEVE my mom and dad met you before I EVEN HAVE! HAAHAHAAAA!!!

Nice to e-see you again, Milkman!!

Newsguy Bob said...

Aw, Milky beat me to it. Actually, I emailed you at work, not knowing you were off. The heading was "Ma, Pa and Ma Tante were just here!" and the message said "…And I took them upstairs to meet Milky! How cool is that?

I apologize for not posting on your site lately. Still not lovin’ the blogspot, but understand why you moved there. You gotta remove that movie that links to ActiveX or whatever, cuz it freezes up my computer – the same it does to Pa and did to Milky while were up there with him.

Gotta get back to work. Talk to you soon in cyberspace.

Newsguy Bob"

So there it is. Ear-scratches and "good doggie" to Flea, Chachi and Corn...


Ma Horton said...

Whats a gal gotta do to get a guy in this town...well ,dam you get yer butt to the By Ward Market and bug NGB and Milky till the cows come home ..then ,you get your ass back to a french keyboard ( merci Ma Tante ) and post ICI ! (I met Milky before N@....nahnahnahna).)