Thursday, June 29, 2006

Does Whatever a Spider Can

This morning, I woke up and stumbled sleepily to the bathroom only to discover that a tiny red spider had been busy through the night making a web, connecting my toothbrush to the soapdish.

Did I:

a) Admire nature's intricate work of art, leave him alone and ditch hygiene for the day?

b) Admire nature's intricate work of art, then grab a piece of TP and flush him?

c) Admire nature's intricate work or art, then pick him up, bring him to the patio door and set him free?


Amazon Woman said...

Me: B

You: C

Hullo all! Re-connected after 1 week. Moved in and surrounded by a sea of boxes. We have concluded... we have too much CRAP!

Purge Purge Purge!

Yeah Ma was in the same town as moi!

Keep smilin!

Maria said...

Me? DEFINATELY B (after letting out a shreek!)

Or I just call one of my kids over to get rid of it. After all that is the reason I went through 36 hours of labour - isn't it?? LOL

Ma Horton said...

I am betting on C)..because I know my baby ..but if it was me ,it would have been burial at sea.

..does this feel like a rhyme or it just me.... shoot,I am gettin' spooked .

JB said...

My mother always told me to never kill a spider, because you'll make it rain, plus they catch and eat the other bugs that we don't like. (So that means we like spiders, then? Huh?)

I've killed spiders ever since just to test the 'rain' theory, and it doesn't - "hold water", if you will.

My wife absolutely hates spiders, so I am dispatched these days to kill them FOR her when one invades our space.

You, however? I'm betting
D) You ate it, and then brushed your teeth.

N@ Lauzon said...

Actually, I did B. NORMALLY I would have done C because I have an agreement with spiders in my apartment. If they are in my bedroom, they die (the thought of them falling in my open-mouth when I'm asleep grosses me out). If they are anywhere else and not too hairy, they can stay (this also applies to men). By this rule, the bathroom spider SHOULD have been spared but he obviously didn't read the fine print which states that if the spider is on an object which is to be used for hygiene and/or eaten AND Nat is half-asleep and hasn't quite arrived at her respect for all living things great and small frame of mind - the spider gets flushed.

But I still feel kinda bad.