Thursday, May 25, 2006

Silly Rabbit, Hicks is for Kids!

Yeah Baby! I'm thrilled for Taylor Hicks! Now there's a guy who deserves the title. Y'know, Ryan Peecrest said that 63 million people voted for the American Idol this season...more than any president in U.S. history. Something tells me Dubya is in front of the mirror right now, singing into his hairbrush and honing up on his dance moves as we speak.

The scariest thing about last night's show? Clay Aiken's mop.
Feast your orbs on that little shop of horrors. What IS that? Looks like a big ol' dawg licked his head. Did he just get out of the dunk tank?

Anyhoo...I actually didn't watch the entire episode cuz I was more
into the Lost season finale (pretty good not outstanding, but a few good hooks for next season). I did however see Prince come out and he was outstanding and cool, as usual.

How'd you guys diggit? Were you watching Lost or Idol (or the big ol' hockey game?)


Maria said...

I started watching Idol cause I was rooting for Taylor I just think he is so full of life. I loved that song he did "do I make you proud" almost brought tears to my eyes, where can I buy it!!?
As for Clay Aiken - oh darn is that who it was?? lol I was trying to think which BIG NAME SUPERSTAR is this and I didn't come up with anything.

As for Lost its the first episode I "sorta" tried to watch but just couldn't get into it because I didn't know what the heck was going on. Maybe I watch it next season.

Thats all for moi!
Have a great day...

Tanja said...

No hockey. As for AI, I sorta clicked back to it during commercials since there was no way I thought I was gonna watch Lost on CTV from 10- midnight (which of course I ended up doing, re-watching the entire second hour lol).

I feel the American Idol season finale is waaaaaaaaaay to dragged out for my liking. I was soooo happy that Taylor won though , however, I was rooting for Chris :( But I learned that sometimes you are better off not coming in first since you have more freedome with your music than if you were the winner.

As for Clay Aiken, I sorta like this cut much more than that spikey thing he had going on back in the day, but he still looked funny.

As for Lost, LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT, it keeps you on your toes!

JB said...

...and we have to wait HOW long now to find out if the giant Earth-killing magnet has been turned off forever or is just temporarily snuffed, where Sayid ended up, whether or not Michael and Walt really do get away, how long the other three have to wear smelly burlap hoods, and whether or not Hurley can find his way back without a trail of bread crumbs slathered in peanut butter?
Didn't watch one second of Idol this season. It was just starting to get too much like the "Kids from Fame" for me...and I hated Coco...just WAY too precocious, you know?
My wife taped the finale episode of A.I., and since Prince (hey, that rhymes!) was on, I will skim the tape to find him. He's a (little) genius, that guy.
Of course, my wife also taped the finale episode of Alias, another show neither of us have EVER watched...just to see what the fuss was about.

Ma Horton said...

I loooved the American Idol show last night ..from Dionne to Prince to Aiken and Underwood .. a class show all the way and even better that a Hick(s ) made us PROUD !

Twiggy said...

"I don't know what disturbs me most: the fact that the rest of the body is missing, or that it only has four toes"

Aaah..not too mention how charlie got out, how the broad knew about the island, where those (russian?) guys were, if locke and eko went towards the light...

And seeing as I am caught between Kack or Kawyer (yeah, it's lame, i know) I just love how they're stuck there with the Others, I'm wondering why those three were picked (and picturing a threesome!ha..ok..maybe it's a little too late for me and my antibiotics are going to my head...)and how i'm going to survive summer Lost in Withdrawal (sorta like march when they kept playing reruns..only longer!! arrrgh!).

I'm doing a flashback to my X-Files days...and i'd promised myself i wouldn'T become a freak over a TV show again. shucks.

Twiggy said...

Also, I saw a clip of Taylor on Jay Leno..c'mon..they looked like brothers...I'm jus tnot a hicks fan. BUT i didn't watch AI so maybe that's why he didn't win me over.


Anonymous said...

Newsguy Bob here, and today, I am a man of few words. Here goes:

Taylor Hicks: Destined for oblivion à la Fantasia Barrino and Ruben Studdard (remember them?). He's too big a freak!

Lost: Holy cliffhanger, Batman! That big statue foot looks like candleholders I bought in Cuba.

Amazon Woman said...

I am so happy Taylor won! He is super!

Don't diss my Clay!

I don't watch Lost so I watched the whole 2 hour finale. Which was AWESOME!

Keep smilin!

JB said...

Twigster - The two guys subtitled at the end of the finale episode were apparently speaking Portugese, or so I'm told by a Portugese-roots friend of mine.
So, I'm thinking that they're monitoring things from the mountains in South America, maybe?