Friday, July 15, 2011

My departure from Virgin Radio

They always say you know when it's 'time'. This applies to a lot of things. You know when it's time to poop, time to get off the Tilt-a-Whirl and time to listen when you start to feel your heart pulling in a new direction.

So - yes, it's true. I've decided to leave Virgin Radio. And, let me just thwart any firmly-worded emails from my mother to management - my departure is all on good terms. All my decision. So you have no one to purple nurple but me (and I sort of like that so you won't be doing yourself any favours).

"Time flies" is such a geriatic thing to say, so pardon me as I cough up a cobweb - but man, the years have disappeared faster than Snooki's natural skin colour! 1999 is the year I first moved here to host N@ @ Nite on Mix 96. Then it was Andre and Nat in the Morning (I'll tell him you said hi) and finally middays on Virgin where I've been the past several years. Shoehorned in there for the early part of your workday. I liked being there (especially Mondays when you all were too hungover from the weekend to even be pissed at your bosses yet. Stop looking around at everyone else, you know I'm talking to you).

Some of you are casual listeners, some have been there everyday, others still have become my real life friends. And I want to thank you all. Seriously, for letting my unwashed self into your homes and your earballs and your radio machine for however long you could stand the sound of my voice. I will tell you as someone who has been doing this for 22 years, sometimes we wonder if we're just voices in the ether. But you prove me otherwise. There were many times when an e-mail from a stranger with some kind words absolutely made my day. Hell, even the hate mail was good for a laugh. I just want you to know I never took that for granted and I hope to baby jesus that I wrote you all back. Especially if you are rich and hot. Well, okay, just rich is good.

So - what now? Well, I know who I am (Mrs.Justin Bieber) - and I know what I want (no pre-nup). I want to follow my passion. Among those: animal rescue and voice work. Last year I started a website: and with the help of some amazing bloggers we are doing some great things to make a difference for pets in Montreal. My website will be my point of contact for voicework, which I'll be doing from home every day in my underoos (Spiderman, but I'm open to suggestions).

Being able to concentrate on what I love is going to fill me with lots of happy. I wish this for all of you - to be able to do something you love for a long, long time. Live your bliss. Even if your bliss is pooping in Publi-Sac bags and twirling them like Olympic discuses, you should do it. Live the dream, my friend. Go for the gold.

So - I'm still in Montreal. I'll still be very accessible. I'm on Facebook so much it's FaceNeckTorso Book. So find me. You can e-mail me too: (Note: priority will be given to Nigerian royalty or lawyers of deceased UK residents who've left me in their wills).

So, I guess that's it for now. Congrats and best wishes to Andrea Collins, who'll be taking over the 9-1 shift, starting August 15th. She's psyched - and rightly so! You guys are a great room and this is a great city. Teach her fun French words like pneu and sac-a-main.

People? It ain't goodbye. Just see ya later.

(As an footnote, please know, I am quite pleased to have worked in 1 butt and 2 poop references into this bye bye note. Eat that, Kai Nagata.)

Have a wicked summer. We'll be in touch.



4D said...


You will always hold a special place in my heart. And my colon.

Keep smilin!

Meaghan said...

Good for you, Nat!! Gotta do whatcha gotta do, eh? Best of luck. Be happy!

rein said...

Good luck, Nat! I'm sure you will be missed..I sure did - when i left Montreal. I don't know you personally but your humour is very infectious and somehow helped me get through a hectic day @ work. Hats off to you Nat!

Robin Harold said...

I used to listen to radio when i am driving and when i am sad. its a nice thing to read about the people behind the voices and while reading your post i felt some mixed emotions. i wish you great success in your future life.

shahanara said...

your blog is very fine.

szilka said...

Wow! Well written exit entry Nat! I wish you hella success! My word verification is poloa.

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